Friday, 16 September 2011

London Fashion Week

So today was the first day of Fashion week, lots of fun, lots of pictures, lots of criminally insane people. Corrie Nielsen was the highlight of today, very progressive stuff. Below are a few shots from the Bora Aksu show, Ann-Sofie Back Atelje / BACK and Jean-Pierre Braganza (which were the only ones worth posting). The real star was Lenny the pug, with his 2" tongue that permanently swang about.

I did a little shop in Zara, and picked up this Hogwarth'sesque Blazer. It is 'felt' like to the touch and gives a classic British back to school look. The corduroy trousers are also from Zara and can only be described as the closest thing to wearing no pants in public, the little bit of stretch in'em makes them extremely comfortable.

The location is the basement of Somerset House. I snuck down there and couldn't believe what I saw. It has the most amazing corridor with a natural clerestory lighting effect. The arches, which were the underbelly of the above foot bridges made me feel as if I had stumble upon a secret Roman city. If you get a chance, visit Somerset House, it's incredible.


  1. The pictures are amazing and so is your look, the background tell you a story like you said it gives you the feeling of romance so naturally I fall in love i have to ask are you studying photography? The light of the fashion show is amazing

  2. You have amazing style man!
    Follow you :)

  3. awesome!
    i love your outfit, by the way.