Sunday, 19 December 2010

Timeless in Richmond

The Richmond Waterfront is one of the most incredibly romantic areas in London. I'm a sucker for the classic apperal, (particularly British Classic) and what better a place than the Snowy Banks of Richmond to wear this look.

This Crombie Coat always seems to tie my looks together for me. The great thing is I bought at a vintage fayre and it was a little big! UH-O, well it actually worked out great cause I can wear knit sweaters and cardi's like this one I just picked up in TOPMAN. Check out the history of Crombies and you'll understand why they give that classic British feeling to your look!

 This Bridge was designed by architect James Paine in 1777. You can see the seam under the arch where it was extended in 1937. They kept to the original design thankfully!

The London Magazine (1779) described the bridge as: “a simple, yet elegant structure, and, from its happy situation,… one of the most beautiful ornaments of the river and the country adjacent. It is built with Portland stone from the design of Mr Payne (sic) of London, a celebrated architect, and the masonry was executed by Mr Carr of Richmond…”

James Paine

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