Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Wolseley

Every time I drive this car it inspires me. I always dress to compliment it. Classic British Motors excite me particularly uncommon ones.

 I found this car abandoned in someone driveway 2 years ago, unloved and not running. it's now my daily driver.

 Wolseley Automobiles have an incredible history, started in 1901, they are a great example of British motoring heritage. The design of the Hornet takes all the depressing elements out of owning a small engine. The miniture Caddy fins and Rolls style grill turn this 60's little town car into a mini 50's style luxury cruiser. Check out the Riley Elf too!

Here's some original ads from the time.

 The old showroom is now a 5 star tea room by the Ritz in London.

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