Sunday, 19 December 2010


This look was inspired by the great modern architect Meis van der Rohe. Simple B&W's. The pants are WW2 wool, incredibly warm for this time of year. Meis always looked his best never caught without a shirt and tie. We've come a long way since then. 


 Vila Tugendaht

Modern Architecture pioneer Meis van der Rohe designed this monumental home for the wealthy Tugendhats in 1930. It's large open plan design and seamles glass fa├žades were truly groundbreaking. It is a series of stacked box like floors that are disguised by the slope of the site.

A few interesting facts - it was one of the first air conditioned houses in Europe,  air was blown over ice in the basement and distributed around the house. The giant glass walls could be lowered electrically to the basement ( remember this house was built in the 30's!). An amazing pieces of architecture and engineering.

 Below is The Vila with Meis sitting on his own designed Tugendhat chair.

 Here's a few sketches of the house.

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