Saturday, 1 January 2011

Out of this World and in to a New year!

Hope everyone has had an amazing year and is ready for a new and even more exciting one. Thanks to some wonderful friends I had the pleasure of welcoming 2011 at a New Years eve bash in one of the most inspirational homes I've ever been to, but first we kicked off the eve at the Royal Opera house matinee of Hansel & Gretel.

The Party

Nestled in a 19th Century cluster of town houses in Knightsbridge, by Harrods in London, this provocative  home is truly a marvel. The owner, hollywood film director Roland Emmerich who directed Independence Day and 2012 commissioned John Teall of FLUX interiors to challenge and inspire visitors of the home much to the same effect a good movie, book or work of art does.

"Nothing is spared, from government and gender to race and religion - but there's no manifesto", says British interior designer John Teall. "The idea was to provoke thought, amuse and maybe shock a little."

Roland in front of his incredible living room mural of Mao 

This office seems to allow the mind to wonder, the table is made from a WWII plane wing.

I'm wearing WWII inspired wool pants from Topman which tied in nicely with the war time political theme of the night. The vest is Zara with a vintage flannel shirt underneath. Shoes are ShoeLab London.

Some of the evenings guests who complimented the lack of gendered boundaries of the home

Table made from Iraqi Bomb.

Numerous Phallus' were consistently placed in every room. 

Richard Rogers and Renzo Pianio's dining table were one of the highlights for me. 

The epicenter of the house, a wax work of Pope John Paul reading his obituaries. Insane.

Royal Opera House in Covent Garden is definitely worth a visit. Not a great photo, I quickly snapped it with the Iphone

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