Saturday, 5 February 2011

The Tudors.

A Visit to Hampton Court is always inspirational. A Tudor palace, magnificently developed by Cardinal Wolsey and later Henry VIII, alongside a baroque palace built by William III and Mary II.

Having a membership allows me to guilt-free wonder through the palace. The brick work is incredible, and in amazing condition for being 500 years old in parts. 

I always dress with a mix of old and new. I wanted to wear a tudor cape but i don't think i can pull it off!
I posted a few random sketches of the Victorian decretive chimneys.


  1. Love the photos :)
    Question: I would really love to do something in architecture? What a-levels did you take ?

  2. Architecture is a wonderful subject. Every University is different. Some of the more elite schools require strong A-Levels while others just want a portfolio. I got in to Kingston University on portfolio alone. I would go to as many open days as possible. Goodluck :--)

  3. I love varsity jackets ! Yours is cool!

  4. Your varsity jacket is awesome, you have a great sense of style

    I love your blog, you combine two of my greatest loves fantastically well.
    Instantly following :)