Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fashion Week Outfit Testing Ground

I've ripped apart my closet over the last few days, everything I own is on the floor. It's London Fashion week and one has to look their best or at least their most outlandish. I did a shoot this morning to see how these WW2 canvas leggings would look like for tomorrow. They felt great and looked even better. They were bought for me in Paris for €3! A piece of history which I mixed with Topman wool skinny carrots and a H&M vest. I'll be adding a H&M cape on the day.

This alley is Ham House a 400 year gem tucked away in the wood on the river Thames just by my house. built in 1610 it was one of the finest Staurt Houses of that period  It was home to the whipping boy for future Charles I. He was favoured by the King for his years of undeserved punishment and was given this house in 1622.  Unfortunately it's not open to the public until April, when it is I'll be sure to get some shots inside for you guys.

Beautiful steel hull boat on the Thames Path just in front of the house.


  1. These images are breathtaking and a dream I used to have...

  2. Great blog and photos! I love the WWII boot covers.