Saturday, 26 February 2011

Shakespeare's Birthplace

This tudor house dates back to 1522 with the claim that it is the birthplace of the great William Shakespeare. One of the largest houses at the time it seats nestled in the town of Stratford-Upon-Avon, and has an evolving history to great to mention. I ventured up there because the Royal Shakespeare Company were selling off 10,000 costumes!

I decided to do a quick shoot with my little Boston Terrier, Pixy infront of the great writers house. I dug up this old blazer at a vintage shop. The fit was great but the arms were too short! So, I let the seam allowance out with the intention of sewing them up again, but I liked the rough look better. Check out Galliano's Menswear AW 11/12 and D. GNAK by KANG D, unfinished seams are becoming a trend of late.



  1. amazing shots, great look, cute dog...enough said:)

  2. LOVE the blazer!!!and i like your hair too:)x

  3. Your look is AWESOME! And Pixy is such a cutie!

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    *From Munich With Love*

  4. your blog is amazing and your looks too.


    Love, Tim

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  6. Love this pics! Love the "black & white style"
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  7. such a cute doggy. and i like the details on the fabric of your jacket. it's really nice.